Women's Health Medical Assisting Certification

Women's Health

Experts are encouraging women to become more involved in preventive health. A large part of the solution relies on those who have a career as a medical assistant to provide this advice. This is where you can come in, and where we can help.

What does Women's Health cover?

Women's health concerns a wide range of medical issues that are unique to women. From menstruation and puberty to pregnancy, birth and menopause, and from mental health and domestic violence to hormones and urinary health, women have health issues that are often different from men's. OB/GYNs as well as general practitioners and many types of specialists treat women for those issues.

What are some of the services that Women's Health providers offer?

Women's Health covers a breadth of women's health issues from a simple pap smear to addressing domestic violence in the home. OB/GYNs help with gynecological and reproductive concerns like prescribing birth control, handling pregnancy and infertility, and diagnosing and treating cancer and other reproductive system disorders and diseases. Women's specialists in physical therapy and cardiovascular and orthopedic fields are becoming more prominent as are mental health providers devoted to assisting women with both domestic and physical issues.

Women’s Health (SCMA-WH™)

What does a Medical Assistant Certified in Women's Health do?

Medical assistants help women's health care providers diagnose and treat many health issues that need to be addressed to prevent and correct the challenges women are facing with their bodies today. These medical assistants help with preparing patients for exams and procedures, take samples and assist with sonograms and other tests, and help new mothers care for their babies.

There are two primary therapeutic specialties for women's health--the Specialty Certified Medical Assistant in Women’s Health (SCMA-WH™) and the Specialty Medical Certified Assistant OB/GYN (SCMA-OBG™) CLICK HERE . With either certification, you have the advantage of showing potential employers that you have achieved the skills needed to oversee women's health issues.

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