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Where to Work as a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants perform both administrative and clinical duties, meaning they can work in both of the main areas of healthcare and may expect a successful career in different types of facilities.

Resume Review

So you've invested hard work, time and money to improve your job market value in the healthcare industry. You think you're ready for a promotion or qualified for your dream job. What's next?

Resume 101

What do hiring managers assign most weight on in sizing up a candidate? What resume section do they focus most on in sorting through resumes?

Basic Job Interview Guide

Now that you've had a chance to review your resume, let's move on to the next important step towards getting you that job: your job interview.

Different Types of Job Interviews

Good job! Your resume has worked its way to the next stage of the job interview process. There are several different types of interviews that all serve the purpose of evaluating your skills, knowledge, experience, education and personality to determine if you're a fit for the company.

Panel Interview Tips

Different companies have differing approach to personnel sourcing. It then comes as no surprise that even formats in conducting job interviews may differ from one another. With the right amount of prep work and a solid communication plan, you'll be able to increase your chances for a successful interview.

Balancing Act

With a plethora of roles and duties, medical assistants deftly accommodate patients while supporting physicians, providing comprehensive care and assistance to all in the healthcare industry.