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June Is National Safety Month

June 2017 is National Safety Month and we at SCMA® have put together ways for you to continue serving as agents of health among your patients and customers.

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Call for Webinar Presenters - SCMA Free Webinar Series

Do you have a topic of interest for the 2017 SCMA webinar series?

Would YOU be interested in presenting a webinar to healthcare professionals?

Do you know any medical specialists or practice managers that would present a webinar topic especially on the following specialties?

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Create Positive Memories for Children as a Medical Assistant in Pediatrics

To effectively help pediatricians, pediatric medical assistants need to create positive experiences for their young patients. 

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May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

The SCMA® has put together a checklist of ways in which medical assistants can serve as agents for adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and good nutrition.

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What Do Credentials and Specialization Mean for Medical Assistants?

Understand what Medical Assistants do and why they are important to physicians' offices and healthcare centers.

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Know What to Ask - Know What to See

Basics of Patient History Interview, Physical Examination and Diagnostics for Medical Assistants

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March Is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March 2017 is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and we at Specialty Certified Medical Assistant – SCMA® have put together this page to recap what you can do to prevent Colorectal Cancer.

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Medical Terminology Simplified

Most of the medical terms come from Latin or Greek. Therefore learning medical terminology can be very tedious. The easiest method adopted by the medical students and assistants is to memorize them. Read on to simplify the learning so that you don't rely solely on rote learning.

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February 2017 is American Heart Month

Heart disease is a leading cause of death for both men and women. To prevent heart disease and increase awareness of its effects, Specialty Certified Medical Assistant – SCMA® is proudly supporting American Heart Month.

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