Geriatric Medical Assistant Certification

What is Geriatrics?

Geriatrics is the field of medicine that is concerned with the primary care of older patients--the diagnosis, prevention, and care of the conditions that arise from the aging process.

What are some of the services Geriatricians provide?

Geriatricians are specifically qualified to evaluate and manage the health and needs -- medical, social and emotional -- of older patients. They focus on the things that often afflict the elderly like living with multiple medical issues and medications, incontinence, memory loss and loneliness, physical injuries, and diet. Geriatricians administer treatment while also evaluating the onset of frailty and the patient's ability to live independently.

Geriatrics (SCMA-G™)

What does a Medical Assistant Certified in Geriatrics do?

A Specialty Certified Medical Assistant in Geriatrics (SCMA-G™) would be the first line of action with older patients and is a liaison between the patient and the physician, checking vital signs, history and general welfare, in addition to office and clerical work. Duties might also include: reviewing current medications, collecting lab work, arranging tests with specialists and the geriatrician, and providing education and services in the ever changing medical environment.

Questions on the SCMA-G™:

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