Re-imagineering Medical Assistance

By SCMA On 17/10/2017  

Re-imagineer your career with SCMA's Certified International Medical Assistants and aerate your career to global opportunities.

Medicine for years has been approached with tradition, empirical evolution of best practices, and a reductionist system of small trails. Primed at being holistic, scientific, probabilistic or statistic, healthcare services have been focused on optimal treatment outcomes, which are cost/benefit effective and diagnostically prudent. 200 years after its invention, the stethoscope, which remains to be the iconic diagnostics tool is now facing tough competition from technologically re-imagineered solutions.

But are we talent pool ready with evolving global standards of healthcare practices, administrative rehashes and above all, an agile machinery that enables acoustically sound clinically insights?

The populist thought on medical assistants strands around the administrative support and clerical chores, however, an International Medical Assistant brings in the administrative acumen along with the personal touch and better therapeutic knowledge. International Medical Assistant go through an elaborate program covering aspects of behavioural training that focuses on empathetically institutionalising their conduct and focuses on giving better standards of personal care to the patients. The medical assistants are trained in Scope and Standards of Medical Assistant Practices, Professionalism in the Workplace, Communication, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The training mechanism equips medical assistants to understand and interpret behavioural nitigrities with at most efficacy.

Another aspect that International Medical Assistants are trained is the higher level of clinical knowledge that empowers them with a basic understanding of therapeutic terminologies, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, abbreviations and calculations, nutrition basics, specimen collection, diagnostic testing, health care triage, advance directives, infection control, roles and responsibilities, patient education and advocacy, and basics of the physical exam. Equipped to perform these clinical tasks with efficiency and accuracy, International Medical Assistants have been out-performing their peers. With ever-evolving technological innovations in healthcare practices, International Medical Assistants are subdued to quickly adapt to newer techniques with our holistic program that keeps assistants trained on-top of developments with regular upgrade programs and clinical revisions.

International Medical Assistants also are trained with on administrative roles and functions. Curbing the need for the practitioner's time on clerical chores, medical assistants have the core strengths in preparing the practice environment, health care divisions in the United States and Abroad, basic tenets of payers and insurance, financial management, office management, medical records management, and coding diagnostics and procedures. Medical assistants act as patient liaison with effective communication skills and administrative touch-point.

Trained and certified in all 3 aspects of their job responsibilities, the International Medical Assistant becomes an agile resource in training, developing and certifying industry ready resources with experiential learning and applicable knowledge. Specialty CMA focuses on creating better quality Medical Assistants that are globally transferable and cater to the needs of the fast growing healthcare industry.