New Year's Resolution: Take Charge of Your Career in 2016

By SCMA On 14/01/2016  

It's that time of year when we hear "New Year, New Me" pronouncements and recycling New Year's Resolutions. To some, the coming of a new year is a reminder of yet another year of failing to move towards competitiveness in the job market.

But to those who are seriously willing to put in the effort at a resolution of boosting their career this year, consider answering a few critical questions that can help move you forward towards taking charge of your career in 2016:

  • Where will my present job lead me in 2-5 years?
  • Does my employer have a career path plotted for me?
  • If I stay in my current position for another year, what else will it give me besides a year's worth of paychecks?

Don't forget to include some harder-hitting questions like:

  • Do I have an action plan if I don't like the answers I get from my questions above?
  • What have you been doing to increase your skill and experience level at work?
  • How desirable are you in your job marketplace?
  • Do you have a number of job opportunities available to you?
  • Why do I stay in this job?
  • Am I passionate about the work I do?
  • If I sought a pay increase today, would my employer think I am worth the salary adjustment?
  • If I'm job-hunting, what else can I do to increase my job market value?
  • What mindset, if any, has kept me from getting promoted?
  • What mindset, if any, has kept me from getting a salary increase?
  • What mindset, if any, has kept me from seeking better employment?
  • What kind of career would I want if it were up to me?

As you go about answering all these questions, you must remember that you are a 'brand' and a 'product'. And just as brands and products work at constantly creating better versions of themselves, a "2.0" so to speak, so must you.

In terms of practical value, employers and recruiters may not be as quick to spot differences between employees and job candidates. However, on an intrinsic value level, employees and job candidates continually striving to improve their knowledge and levels of expertise will always have an upper hand in today's competitive job market.

Cheers to the New Year & you taking charge of your career in 2016.