Family Physician Medical Assistant Certification

What is Family Medicine?

Family Medicine covers the comprehensive treatment of basic medical issues for patients of all ages. Rather than focusing on a specialty, these physicians treat patients over a long period of time for things as varied as the common cold to chronic medical conditions. With their long term, dedicated care, they are uniquely qualified to assess health changes across generations of families and often discover the first signs of serious illness in their patients.

What are some of the services Family Practitioners provide?

Physicians in Family Medicine are the first medical contact for many patients, building long-term relationships with their sustained level of care. They cover a wide range of medical issues from every day, seasonal illnesses to chronic disorders. Family Medicine concerns the whole patient and preventative medicine, servicing things as varied as a flu shot to emotional support. Family practitioners screen for more serious illnesses as well and refer their patients to specialists.

Family Medicine (SCMA-FM™)

What does a Medical Assistant Certified in Family Medicine do?

What does a Specialty Certified Medical Assistant in Family Medicine (SCMA-FM™) do? Family Medicine is a very general field, and the Specialty Certified Medical Assistant in this area would have a variety of jobs, including administrative duties from prescription renewals and referrals to insurance and chart preparation, taking vital signs and initial patient information, determining the reason for the visit, and relating patient concerns and needs to the physician.

Questions on the SCMA-FM™:

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